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Programs and Classes

Build a Better World Summer Reading Program for All Ages--June 1 thru July 31

Win an Amazon Fire Tablet! One for every branch!

Drop by any Stone County Library to register or REGISTER ONLINE HERE!  

  • Pick up a game board after May 20th

  • Complete any 15 Boxes

  • Return your game board to library for prize

  • Enter for grand prize by filling out Grand Prize Drawing Slip by Aug 1st

All summer long, the library will have fun activities!  Check our event calendar for full program list or download full children's program list here.

Programs for Children

OMG Josh: Build a Better Story

All branches Tuesday July 18th:  Crane 10:00am, Galena 2:00pm, and Blue Eye 6:00pm

OMG Josh is the King of wacky stories. For years he has been entertaining audiences with his own personal blend of magic, juggling, comedy, circus skills and of course silly storytelling. Children will get to construct the direction of the zany story he performs! Like a real life Mad-lib the audience picks the props, costumes, locations and plotline! This will be a hilarious, choose-your-own adventure show not to be missed!

Build a Better World School Age Programs

Galena Library:  Tuesdays @ 10:30 am,  Blue Eye Library: Tuesdays @ 2:00 pm, Crane Library:  Wednesdays @ 3:00 pm

Join us every week for fun activities, crafts and games. Come by the library to see what we are doing this week

Build a Better World Homeschool Programs

Join us every week for fun activities, crafts and games. Come by the library to see what we are doing this week!

Galena Library: Mondays @ 10:30 am

Build a Better World Pre-School Storytime

Join us every week for stories, fun activities, crafts and games. Come by the library to see what we are doing this week!

Galena Library:  Thursday @ 10:00 am,  Crane Library:  Wednesdays @ 10:00 am

Special Programs for Adults

Authors Fair

Galena Library Sat.  June 10 at10:00-3:00

Visit with local authors, buy their books, get them autographed.

Murder Mystery Theater*

Dead Man’s Chest

Galena Library: Fri. July 14 at 6:00

Guess who dunnit at our mystery theater.  Roles available to participate. Dinner is potluck.

· Registration required.

Many more Adult Programs--See event calendar for full listing or download here

This project is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library and Technology Act as administered by the Missouri State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State.


Need a test proctored?  Call the Galena Library at 417-357-6410 and or email  

The Library provides proctoring services free of charge.

The Library will meet the proctoring requirements of the testing institution wherever possible; however, the Library cannot provide direct in-room supervision of the student during the test.

Most proctoring services can be provided at any branch during regular Library hours. Patrons who must use a Library computer for an online test must inform staff it the test takes over 2 hours.

Library staff must receive the following information before a test is sent to a branch for proctoring: student name, name of institution, phone number or email of student.

Tests can be received or returned through the mail, by email or by fax. Printing, Faxing and postage will be charged to the student or institution for such services. The Library can also receive tests from delivery services such as Fed Ex or UPS. Since the Library is not a pickup site for these delivery services, tests cannot be returned in this manner.

It is the student's responsibility to follow up with the educational institution, to ascertain that the completed test was received there. The Library will not keep copies of test materials unless specifically asked to do so by an institution.

The Stone County Library is ready to help you when you are homebound and cannot get to a library branch. This free service will send the books you want directly to your door. Just fill out the application and reader’s profile to help us select the best items possible.

Wireless Internet access is available free of charge at all Library branches 24/7.

If you have a Wi-Fi enabled device, bring it to the Library for use anywhere in our comfortable, quiet surroundings and enjoy the convenience of having our expert staff and other research materials a step away. There's no library card required, no password, no fee, no time limit, and no wait for a Library computer station to come available!

If the library is closed, you may surf the web in our parking lot.

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