Exam Proctoring

Need a test proctored?  Call the Galena Library at 417-357-6410 and or email info@scl.lib.mo.us.

The Library provides proctoring services free of charge.

The Library will meet the proctoring requirements of the testing institution wherever possible; however, the Library cannot provide direct in-room supervision of the student during the test.

Most proctoring services can be provided at any branch during regular Library hours. Patrons who must use a Library computer for an online test must inform staff it the test takes over 2 hours.

Library staff must receive the following information before a test is sent to a branch for proctoring: student name, name of institution, phone number or email of student.

Tests can be received or returned through the mail, by email or by fax. Printing, Faxing and postage will be charged to the student or institution for such services. The Library can also receive tests from delivery services such as Fed Ex or UPS. Since the Library is not a pickup site for these delivery services, tests cannot be returned in this manner.

It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with the educational institution, to ascertain that the completed test was received there. The Library will not keep copies of test materials unless specifically asked to do so by an institution.