Books to Go

1.) What is Books to Go?

Books 2 Go is a service to individuals living in Stone County who are unable to visit the library due to temporary or permanent restrictions. This could be due to illness, injury, mobility issues, disability, or age.

2.) Must I live in towns with Stone County Library branches- Crane, Blue Eye, or Galena- to benefit from this service?

No, any resident of Stone County can qualify for Books to Go, regardless of whether or not you live in town.

3.) What types of materials can I request from Books to Go?

You can request any of the materials available at our library branches, including books, movies, and audiobooks.

4.) How many items can I check out?

Each card holder is limited to 5 DVDs, or 30 items total. We find that most prefer 4-5 items at a time.

5.) When will I receive my materials?

We can tailor deliveries to each person’s preference, but most often a library staff member will deliver materials once or twice a month.

6.) How long can I keep the items?

Typically items are checked out for two weeks and can be renewed for another two weeks. However, Stone County Library does not charge fines, so we can adjust the length of time items are out.

7.) Will library staff be available to help with other needs and/or errands?

No, unfortunately library staff cannot help with other needs or errands. However, we have information on other organizations in the county that assist with those needs.

8.) How much does this service cost?

It’s completely free! The only time we would charge is if an item is damaged or lost.

9.) Can this service be conducted in a contact free manner?

Yes, we can as long as there is a safe place to leave library materials, such as a covered porch.

10.) If you would like more information, please fill out the form and a staff member will contact you.